April 9, 2014

DIARY: (Not So) Handy Man (4.6.14)

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In my defense: I'm an artist, not a plumber, Also, installing a new faucet wasn't the problem; it was removing the old one... I don't handle stress well.

April 4, 2014

DIARY: Sippy Cup (4.2.14)/COMMISSION: Dr. Who

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I could literally draw a "that's what she said" comic every day. It's a comedy staple in my house.

[Dr. Who (Birthday Commission) 11"x17" - Ink on Bristol board]
I don't often do commissions but a friend of Emily's asked me to do a custom comic for her husband's birthday. He's a big Dr. Who fan so I got to have some fun with a goofy little sci-fi-y story; I think it turned out great and I heard that he really liked the gift. I'd definitely like to do more of this kind of work in the future, in addition to my own comics.